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Data fields are common for all b2b databases: name, title, email, phone, address, company size, industry, sic, company name and company url Database sources: We gather our information from a multitude of directory and event-driven sources, including new business filings, daily utility connections, press releases, corporate websites, annual reports, user-generated feedback, and thousands of U.S. and Canadian Yellow Page directories. And because we maintain an intimate knowledge of our sources and complete control over our compilation processes, we’re able to continually improve our methods to ensure the best data possible. Then, we do something no other data provider does. We make over 2 million calls each year to gather and verify valuable information and ensure your data is current, accurate, and relevant. Every quarterly we update our data and before delivering to our clients we check the file again.

  • Verified, validated, accurate and up-to-date contact details of users, customers and business professionals
  • Highly segmented professional database with contact details like- name and title, business contact number, physical address and email id, company name, size and revenue, industry, SIC code and more
  • Regularly updated through tele-verification to remove duplicate and inaccurate data
  • Enhanced b2b marketing through direct marketing, telemarketing, event marketing, online marketing campaigns and more
  • Mailing lists collated from public records, websites, publications, business cards, trade shows, magazine subscriptions and more

Popular B2B Databases:

Advertising & Marketing Industry Executives List USA 171,572 Global 185,229
Aerospace Products & Parts Manufacturing Industry Executives List USA 66,871 Global 74,014
Amusement Parks and Arcades Industry Executives List USA 11,404 Global 12,427
Architectural Service Industry Executives List USA 89,205 Global 101,411
Automobile Dealers Industry Executives List USA 151,504 Global 163,746
Automotive Industry Executives List USA 423,652 Global 476,485
Biotechnology Industry Executives List USA 451,471 Global 550,508
Business Services Industry Executives List USA 1,735,554 Global 1,968,586
Computer Software Industry Executives List USA 426,702 Global 484,257
Consulting Services Industry Executives List USA 485,683 Global 519,833
Education Services Industry USA 2,439,540 Global 2,689,168
Health & Beauty Industry Executives List USA 97,720 Global 106,229
Hospitals Industry Executives List USA 660,714 Global 699,518
Hotel, Motels & Resorts Industry Executives List USA 177,736 Global 191,259
Insurance Agents & Brokers Service Industry USA 288,226 Global 316,360
Insurance Service Industry Executives List USA 659,138 Global 723,807
Legal Services Industry Executives List USA 385,680 Global 429,433
Oil & Gas Industry Executives List USA 73,872 Global 97,462
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry Executives List USA 219,657 Global 290,813
Printing & Publishing Industry Executives List USA 292,538 Global 326,731
Telecommunication Industry Executives List USA 325,166 Global 380,431
Travel Agencies and Services Industry Executives List USA 468,792 Global 522,853
TV Broadcast and Cable Networks Industry Executives List USA 86,101 Global 93,636
Wines and Distilled Beverages Industry Executives List USA 18,036 Global 22,063
Attorney(Lawyer) Executives List USA 167,175 Global 188,419
Chief Executive Officers/President List USA 1,817,428 Global 1,984,504
Chief Financial Officers List USA 38,638 Global 48,240
Chief Marketing Officers List USA 13,288 Global 15,604
Chief Medical Officers List USA 13,165 Global 14,212
Chief Operating Officers List USA 6,133 Global 7,933
CIO/CTO Executives List USA 174,542 Global 213,400
Certified Public Accountants List USA 26,759 Global 27,670
Chief Engineering Officers List USA 7,975 Global 9,730
Vice presidents List USA 1,322,804 Global 1,468,289
Directors List USA 1,902,480 Global 2,353,611
Managers List USA 4,278,890 Global 5,106,783
IT/IS Executives List USA 2,269,536 Global 2,708,574
IT/IS Top Decision Makers List USA 551,753 Global 653,748
HR Executives List USA 381,215 Global 452,613
Sales & Marketing Executives List USA 915,908 Global 1,052,386
Finance Executives List USA 759,723 Global 871,645

Types of databases are:

Example of our Popular Technology users’ databases:
Application Type Companies IT Decision Makers Application Type Companies IT Decision Makers
Acronis 3055 142818 Netgear 5615 262498
Adobe 16846 787550 Netsuite 16473 770110
Ahsay 3008 140624 Nortel 3937 184052
Amazon 3947 184519 Novell 7922 370353
Apache 9318 435616 Numara 3909 182743
Apple 8150 381012 Open Text 3826 178865
Autodesk 27821 1300629 Oracle 46650 2180887
Avaya 9983 466702 osCommerce 3568 166804
BlackBerry 2130 99577 PastPerfect 3307 154599
BMC 6816 318648 Pdf 995 2437 113927
C# 2359 110280 PeopleSoft 15479 723640
C/C++ 4022 188028 Perl 2203 102987
CA 5483 256327 PHP 2870 134172
CheckPoint 4588 214489 PolyTrans 3381 158059
Cisco 57256 2676718 Primera 3466 162035
Citrix 13105 612656 PTC 2498 116781
Dassault 3192 149226 QuickBooks 15181 709709
Dell 3203 149737 Rackspace 5147 240619
EDI 3221 150579 Raymedi CRM 3344 156332
EMC 8703 406862 Redhat 5906 276105
EMS Line 2335 109158 ReliaSoft 5618 262641
ESRI 9430 440852 Retail Pro 2413 112805
ESS StoreGrid 3317 155067 Ruby on Rails 4564 213367
F5 2094 97894 Sage 18904 883762
FileMaker 2168 101354 SalesForce 7006 327530
Google 15292 714901 SAP 40726 1903940
Gumbo 3386 158295 SAS 2635 123183
HP 34062 1592398 Seavus Project Viewer 2131 99621
HTML 3113 145530 Secunia 4727 220984
Hyperion 3925 183491 Shoretel 2172 101541
IBM 104717 4895517 Siebel 3589 167783
Infor 6974 326034 Siemens 3846 179800
Informatica 2508 117249 SQL 3755 175543
Intel 5535 258758 StepStone 5762 269373
J2EE 2105 98406 StrataExplorer 2278 106496
Java 7872 368016 SuccessFactors 2823 131972
JavaScript 3075 143753 Sun 18072 844866
JD Edwards 4570 213647 Sybase 5790 270682
jQuery 4828 225709 Symantec 12607 589374
Kentico 4580 214115 Tibco 2184 102102
LANDesk 2519 117760 Trend Micro 8245 385451
Lawson 2135 99808 Unix 8171 381991
LEAP Office 2698 126131 VEEAM 4551 212756
Linux 11533 539165 Vizioncore 2527 118134
ManageEngine 5882 274983 VMware 12437 581427
Mcafee 12869 601623 WBS Chart Pro 3850 179987
Milestones Professional 2112 98736 Web Help Desk 2621 122529
MS 151107 7064249 WebEx 2257 105512
MYSQL 3469 162173 Wonderware 4167 194804
NetApp 14763 690167 Xerox 4582 214208

Healthcare industry Lists:

ROI OUTSOURCING LLC data is comprised of the most up-to-date information available in the industry today. Unlike other list and database companies, ROI OUTSOURCING LLC employs a full-time staff of Research Associates who call and verify 80-90% percent of our data. Our trained experts verify names, titles, phone numbers and fax numbers. We also gather supplemental information such as ownership, organization size, practice specialty, affiliations and more.

Acquiring new ROI OUTSOURCING LLC data is a vital part of ensuring that our information is the most current available. Because we go to many different sources for our data, we’re able to offer specialized databases that other list companies just can’t offer. Our diverse mix of industry information comes from sources such as:

  • Company and corporate directories
  • Websites
  • State licensing information
  • Mergers and acquisitions announcements
  • Trade publications
  • White and Yellow Pages directories
  • Professional associations
  • Government agencies
Example of our Healthcare executives’ databases:
Specialty Healthcare Lists Specialty Healthcare Lists Specialty Healthcare Lists
Acupuncturist Gynecology Pediatric Dermatology
Addiction Medicine Hand Surgery Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Addiction Psychiatry Hematology Pediatric Endocrinology
Adolescent Medicine Hematology & Oncology Pediatric Gastroenterology
Adult Medicine Hepatology Pediatric Hematology-Oncology
Adult Reconstructive Orthopaedic Surgery Homeopathy Pediatric Infectious Diseases
Aerospace Medicine Hospice and Palliative Medicine Pediatric Nephrology
Allergy Hospitalist Pediatric Neurology
Allergy & Immunology Immunology Pediatric Ophthalmology
Anatomic Pathology Independent Medical Examiner Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery
Anatomic Pathology & Clinical Pathology Infectious Disease Pediatric Otolaryngology
Anesthesiology Informatics Specialist Pediatric Pathology
Audiology (Audiologist) Internal Medicine Pediatric Pulmonology
Bariatric Medicine Interventional Cardiology Pediatric Radiology
Behavioral Analyst Interventional Pain Medicine Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine
Behavioral Neurology & Neuropsychiatry Kinesiotherapist Pediatric Rheumatology
Blood Banking & Transfusion Medicine Legal Medicine Pediatric Surgery
Body Imaging Licensed Clinical Social Worker Pediatric Urology
Cardiologist Licensed Practical Nurse Pediatrics (Pediatrician)
Cardiovascular Disease Licensed Vocational Nurse Perfusionist
Cardiovascular surgery Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Periodontics
Case Manager/Care Coordinator Marriage & Family Therapist Pharmacist
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Massage Therapist Phlebology
Chemical Pathology Maternal & Fetal Medicine Phlebotomy (Phlebotomist)
Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Mechanotherapist Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (Physiatry)
Child Abuse Pediatrics Medical Director Physical Therapist
Chiropractor Medical Microbiology Physician
Clinical & Laboratory Dermatological Immunology Medical Oncology Physician Assistant
Clinical & Laboratory Immunology Medical Toxicology Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Clinical Biochemical Genetics Medical Transcriptionist Plastic Surgery
Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Midwife Plastic Surgery within the Head & Neck
Clinical Cytogenetic MOHS-Micrographic Surgery Podiatric Surgery
Clinical Molecular Genetics Molecular Genetic Pathology Podiatry (Podiatrist)
Clinical Neurophysiology Music Therapist Preventive Medicine
Clinical Neuropsychologist Naturopathic Medicine (Naturopathy) Preventive Medicine/Occupational Environmental Medicine
Clinical Nurse Specialist Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Primary Care
Clinical Pathology/Laboratory Medicine Neonatology Prosthetist
Clinical Pharmacology Nephrology Prosthodontics
Colon & Rectal Surgery Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Psychiatry
Cosmetic Surgery Neurological Surgery Psychoanalysis (Psychoanalyst)
Counselor Neurology Psychologist
Critical Care Medicine Neuromuscular Medicine Psychosomatic Medicine
Cytopathology Neuropathology Public Health & General Preventive Medicine
Dance Therapist Neuropsychiatry Pulmonary Disease (Pulmonologist)
Dental Assistant Neuroradiology Radiation Oncology
Dental Hygienist Nuclear Cardiology Radiation Therapist
Dentist Nuclear Imaging & Therapy Radiological Physics
Dentist Anesthesiologist Nuclear Medicine Radiology
Denturist Nuclear Radiology Recreation Therapist
Dermatology Nurse Reflexologist
Dermatopathology Nurse Practitioner Registered Nurse
Developmental – Behavioral Pediatrics Nutritionist (Dietitian) Rehabilitation
Developmental Therapist Obstetrics Rehabilitation Counselor
Diagnostic Neuroimaging Obstetrics & Gynecology Rehabilitation Practitioner
Diagnostic Radiology Occupational Medicine Reproductive Endocrinology
Diagnostic Ultrasound Occupational Therapist Respiratory Therapist
Dietitian, Registered Oncology Rheumatology
Doctor Of Dental Medicine (DMD) Ophthalmology School Nurse
Doctor Of Dental Surgery (DDS) Opticians Sleep Medicine
Doctor Of Medicine (MD) Optometrist Social Worker
Dosimetry (Radiation Oncology) Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology Speech-Language Pathologist
Electrodiagnostic Medicine Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology Spinal Cord Injury Medicine
Emergency Medical Services Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Sports Medicine
Emergency Medicine Orthodontics Surgery
Emergency Room Doctor Orthopaedic Surgery Surgical Critical Care
Endocrinology Orthopaedic Surgery of the Spine Surgical Oncology
Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism Orthopaedic Trauma Therapeutic Radiology
Endodontics Orthopedics Thoracic Surgery (Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery)
Facial Plastic Surgery Orthotics & Prosthetics Transplant Hepatology
Family Medicine Orthotist Transplant Surgery
Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery Osteopathic (Osteopathy) Trauma Surgery
Foot and Ankle Surgery Other Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine
Forensic Pathology Otolaryngic Allergy Urogynecology
Forensic Psychiatry Otolaryngology Urological Surgery
Gastroenterology Otolaryngology/Facial Plastic Surgery Urology
General Dentistry Otology & Neurotology Vascular & Interventional Radiology
General Practice (General Practitioner) Pain Management Vascular Neurology
General Surgery Pathology (Pathologist) Vascular Surgery
Genetic (Geneticist) Pediatric Allergy/Immunology Veterinarian
Genetic Counselor, MS Pediatric Anesthesiology Veterinary Pathology
Geriatric Psychiatry Pediatric Cardiology Veterinary Surgery
Geriatrics Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Women's Health
Gynecologic Oncology Pediatric Dentist (Pedodontist) Wound Care
We also have Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies’ executives list – Clinical managers, Lab managers, R&D, Scientists etc.

Location Specific lists: CITY/ZIP/AREA/STATE/COUNTRY wise databases

Global Online Branding don’t just sell leads or lists of decision makers, it also segments them in such a way that you can target everyone based on the influences of the demography. Our Geo Targeted List includes

Geo targeted country wise lists
Geo targeted state wise lists
Geo targeted city wise list
Geo targeted Industry specific lists
Geo targeted B2B lists
Customized geo targeted list (here you can choose your location preferences as a particular province, county, etc.)
North American Business Executives List North America 24,001,490
South American Business Executives List South America 57,317
African Business Executives List Africa 67,638
Europe Business Executives List Europe 1,399,696
Asian Business Executives List Asia 752,205
Oceania Business Executives List Oceania 313,637
Middle East Country Business Executives List Middle East 67,124
Asian Pacific Countries Business Executives List Asian Pacific 500,983
MENA (Middle East & North Africa) List MENA 73,951
Latin American Country Business Executives List Latin America 79,904
EMEA (Europe, Middle east & Africa) List EMEA 1,224,372
Western Europe Country Business Executives List Western Europe 1,350,364
North African Country Business Executives List North Africa 11,615
Australia Business Executives List Australia 292,999
Austria Business Executives List Austria 14,748
Belgium Business Executives List Belgium 44,634
Brazil Business Executives List Brazil 37,459
Canada Business Executives List Canada 780,314
China Business Executives List China 16,306
Denmark Business Executives List Denmark 20,500
Finland Business Executives List Finland 18,282
France Business Executives List France 110,442
Germany Business Executives List Germany 121,113
Hong Kong Business Executives List Hong Kong 14,960
India Business Executives List India 497,747
Ireland Business Executives List Ireland 18,683
Israel Business Executives List Israel 11,312
Italy Business Executives List Italy 55,526
Japan Business Executives List Japan 44,059
Malaysia Business Executives List Malaysia 20,530
Mexico Business Executives List Mexico 19,598
Netherlands Business Executives List Netherlands 53,104
New Zealand Business Executives List New Zealand 20,620
Norway Business Executives List Norway 22,082
Poland Business Executives List Poland 14,061
Singapore Business Executives List Singapore 42,338
South Africa Business Executives List South Africa 24,496
South Korea Business Executives List South Korea 10,436
Spain Business Executives List Spain 44,604
Sweden Business Executives List Sweden 39,267
Switzerland Business Executives List Switzerland 23,444
Turkey Business Executives List Turkey 12,454
United Arab Emirates (UAE) Business Executives List UAE 14,644
United Kingdom (UK) Business Executives List UK 751,931
United States (USA) Business Executives List USA 23,166,801
Alaska State Business Executives List USA 65,436
Alabama State Business Executives List USA 282,850
Arkansas State Business Executives List USA 169,586
Arizona State Business Executives List USA 421,174
California State Business Executives List USA 2,850,624
Colorado State Business Executives List USA 467,826
Connecticut State Business Executives List USA 423,933
District of Columbia State Business Executives List USA 214,326
Delaware State Business Executives List USA 62,662
Florida State Business Executives List USA 1,192,231
Georgia State Business Executives List USA 733,604
Hawaii State Business Executives List USA 70,737
Iowa State Business Executives List USA 236,112
Idaho State Business Executives List USA 97,851
Illinois State Business Executives List USA 1,115,620
Indiana State Business Executives List USA 420,491
Kansas State Business Executives List USA 218,833
Kentucky State Business Executives List USA 228,606
Louisiana State Business Executives List USA 227,938
Massachusetts State Business Executives List USA 802,947
Maryland State Business Executives List USA 448,644
Maine State Business Executives List USA 93,897
Michigan State Business Executives List USA 664,262
Minnesota State Business Executives List USA 576,874
Missouri State Business Executives List USA 431,928
Mississippi State Business Executives List USA 120,743
Montana State Business Executives List USA 74,333
North Carolina State Business Executives List USA 613,553
North Dakota State Business Executives List USA 56,903
Nebraska State Business Executives List USA 148,398
New Hampshire State Business Executives List USA 123,943
New Jersey State Business Executives List USA 764,166
New Mexico State Business Executives List USA 95,084
Nevada State Business Executives List USA 148,974
New York State Business Executives List USA 1,722,908
Ohio State Business Executives List USA 874,733
Oklahoma State Business Executives List USA 212,996
Oregon State Business Executives List USA 318,040
Pennsylvania State Business Executives List USA 946,625
Rhode Island State Business Executives List USA 78,660
South Carolina State Business Executives List USA 246,423
South Dakota State Business Executives List USA 62,562
Tennessee State Business Executives List USA 377,750
Texas State Business Executives List USA 1,639,480
Utah State Business Executives List USA 185,186
Virginia State Business Executives List USA 630,851
Vermont State Business Executives List USA 61,918
Washington State Business Executives List USA 519,004
Wisconsin State Business Executives List USA 518,460
West Virginia State Business Executives List USA 67,353
Wyoming State Business Executives List USA 38,763
Industry Specific lists:

You can select our databases by industry that you target we will provide sample, counts and pricing for that

Accounting, Auditing, and Bookkeeping Executives
Advertising, Marketing and Advertising Agencies Industry Executives
Air Transportation Industry Executives
Architectural Services, Engineering Executives
Automotive Repair, Services and Parking Executives
Beauty Shops, Barber, Hair Salons, Cosmetology, Hygiene Salons Executives
Biotechnology Industry Executives
Business Consulting Services Executives
Campsites, Sporting and Recreational Camps, Trailer Parks Executives
Colleges and Universities Executives
Communication - Cable and other Pay Television Services Executives
Communication - Telephone and Radiotelephone Communications Executives
Communication - Television and Radio Broadcasting Stations Executives
Computer Programming, Prepackaged Software, Integrated Systems Design
Construction - Building Construction, General Contractors & Builders Executives
Construction - Heavy Construction, Except Building Contractors Executives
Construction - Special Trade Contractors Executives
Electric, Gas and Sanitary Services Executives
Elemental and Secondary Schools - Private Executives
Elemental and Secondary Schools - Public Executives
Engineering Services Executives
Entertainers and Entertainment groups Executives
Finance and Banking Industry Executives
Fitness Clubs, Health Clubs, Spa Centers, Wellness Centers Executives
Freight Transportation, Freight Forwarding, Agents, Brokers, Shipping Executives
Golf services, Golf courses and professionals Executives
High-Schools Executives List
Hospital Executives - General Medical and Surgical Hospitals Executives
Hospital Executives - Psychiatric Hospitals Executives
Hospital Executives - Specialty hospitals (except psychiatric) Executives
Hotels, Motels and Resorts Executives
Insurance Carriers Executives
Job Training and Related Services Executives
Junior Colleges Executives
Manufacturing - Aircraft, Engines, Engine Parts, Equipments Executives
Manufacturing - Apparel, Finished Products from Fabrics Materials Executives
Manufacturing - Automobile Industry, Motor Vehicles and Car Bodies Executives
Manufacturing - Chemicals and Allied Products Executives
Manufacturing - Electronic, Electrical Equipment & Components (Except Computer)
Manufacturing - Fabricated Metal Products, Except Machinery Eqpmnts Executives
Manufacturing - Food and Kindred Products Executives
Manufacturing - Furniture and Fixtures Executives
Manufacturing - Industrial, Commercial Machinery and Computer Equipment
Manufacturing - Lumber and Wood Products, Except Furniture Executives
Manufacturing - Medical, Electromedical, Dental, Ophthalmic Instrument Executives
Manufacturing - Motors Vehicle Parts & Accessories Executives
Manufacturing - Paper and Allied Products Executives
Manufacturing - Petroleum Refining and Related Industries Executives
Manufacturing - Pharmaceutical Industry Executives
Manufacturing - Primary Metal Industries Executives
Manufacturing - Printing, Publishing and Allied Industries Executives
Manufacturing - Rubber and Miscellaneous Plastic Products Executives
Manufacturing - Ship Building, Boat Building and Repairing Executives
Manufacturing - Signs and Advertising Specialties Executives
Manufacturing - Sporting and Athletic Goods Executives
Manufacturing - Stone, Clay, Glass, and Concrete Products Executives
Manufacturing - Tobacco Products, Textile Mill Products Executives
Manufacturing - Transportation Equipments Executives
Medical Laboratories Executives
Metal and Coal Mining Industry Executives
Motion Pictures and Video Production Industry Executives
Museums and Art Galleries Executives
Nondepository Credit Institutions Industry Executives
Nursing Homes, Skilled Nursing Care Facilities and Personal Care Executives
Oil and Gas Industry (Petroleum, Gas, Oil) Executives
Religious Organizations (Churches, Temples, and Shrines) Executives
Retail Trade - Automobile Car Vehicle Dealers (New and Used) Executives
Retail Trade - Building Materials, Hardware Stores Executives
Retail Trade - Clothing, Accessory, Wear, Shoe, Apparel Stores Executives
Retail Trade - Computer, Software, Radio, TV, Electronic Stores Executives
Retail Trade - Food Stores (Grocery, Supermarket, Meat, Fish etc.) Executives
Retail Trade - Furniture, Home Furnishing and Equipment Industry Executives
Retail Trade - General Merchandise, Department and Variety Stores Executives
Retail Trade - Jewelry Stores Executives
Retail Trade - Night Clubs, Bars, Lounge, Drinking Place, Liquor Stores Executive
Retail Trade - Pharmacy, Drug stores and Proprietary Stores Executives
Retail Trade - Restaurants Owners, Managers etc. by (Mexican, Chinese etc)
Security, Commodity Brokers, and Services Industry Executives
Specialty Outpatient Clinics Executives
Sports Clubs, managers, and promoters Executives
Transportation - Local, Suburban Transit & Interurbn Hgwy Passenger Transport
Transportation - Motor Freight Transportation, Trucking and Warehousing Industry
Transportation - Water Transportation, Freight, Ferries, Marinas Executives
Travel Agencies, Tour Operators Executives
Veterinary Industry (Animal Hospital, Animal Specialties, Services Executives
Wholesale Trade - Automobiles & Motor Vehicles, Vehicle Supplies New/Old Parts
Wholesale Trade - Beer, Ale, Wine and Distilled Beverages Executives
Wholesale Trade - Chemicals and Allied Products Executives
Wholesale Trade - Computers, Peripherals, and Software Executives
Wholesale Trade - Construction, Mining, Farm, Garden Executives
Wholesale Trade - Drugs, Proprietaries and Sundries Executives
Wholesale Trade - Electrical Apparatus, Equipments, TV and Radio Executives
Wholesale Trade - Electronic Parts, Equipments Executives
Wholesale Trade - Furniture and Homefurnishings Executives
Wholesale Trade - Groceries, Frozen Goods, Meats, Vegetables Executives
Wholesale Trade - Industrial Machinery, Equipments, Industrial Supplies Executive
Wholesale Trade - Lumber, Plywood, Millwork, Stone, Roofing, Siding Executives
Wholesale Trade - Medical, Hospital, Scientific, Ophthalmic Goods Executives
Wholesale Trade - Men's, Boy's, Women's, Children's Clothing, Footwear Executive List
Wholesale Trade - Metals Service Centers, Coal, Minerals and Ores Executives
Wholesale Trade - Office and Photographic Equipments / Supplies Executives
Wholesale Trade - Petroleum Bulk Stations, Petroleum Wholesalers Executives
Wholesale Trade - Plumbing, Hydronic Heating Supplies, Air Conditioning Executives
Wholesale Trade - Printing, Writing Paper, Stationery, Office Supplies Executives
Wholesale Trade - Sporting and Recreation Goods Executives
Title Specific Lists:

You can select our databases by titles or job function that you target we will provide sample, counts and pricing for that

Account Directors, Managers, Executives, VPs
Account Directors, Managers, Executives, VPs, Staffs
Administration Chief, VP, Director, Managers, Assistants, Secretaries, Staff
Art Directors, Creative Directors
Board of Directors
Branch Managers
Business Analysts
Business Managers, Senior Managers
Canadian Chiropractors
Canadian Dentists
Canadian Nurse Practitioners
Canadian Pharmacists
Canadian Physicians, Doctors
Canadian Veterinarians
Chairman, Chairman of the Board, Vice Chairman, Chairmen of Department
Chief Executive Officer - CEO
Chief Financial Officer - CFO
Chief Information Officer - CIO, Chief Technology Officer - CTO
Chief Operating Officer - COO
Consultants, Senior Consultants
CPA (Certified Public Accountants)
Customer Service Managers, Directors
District Managers
Engineering Directors, Managers, Executives, Staffs, VPs
Engineering Directors, Managers, VPs
Engineers, Chief Engineers, Senior Engineers
Executive (EVP) and Senior Vice President(SVP)
Executive Directors
Facilities Directors, Managers
Finance Director, Manager
Finance Director, Manager, Supervisor, Analyst, Staff
Founders, Owners
General Managers (GM), Managing Directors (MD)
Graphic Designers
HR C-Level, Administrators, Coordinators, Directors, Managers
HR C-Level, Administrators, Coordinators, Directors, Managers, Recruiters
Insurance Agents, Brokers
International Health Services Email List
IT Coordinators, Directors, Managers
IT Coordinators, Directors, Managers, Specialist, Executives, Security, Support Title
Maintenance Directors, Managers, Supervisors, Staffs
Marketing Coordinator, Director, Manager, CMO
Marketing Coordinator, Director, Manager, Staff, CMO
Materials, Parts Managers
MIS Directors, Managers (Management Information System)
Mortgage Brokers, Loan Brokers Industry
Network Manager, Engineer, Analyst, Technician
Nurse Practitioners
Office Managers, Administrators, Supervisors
Operation Director, Manager
Operation Director, Manager, Supervisor, Staff
Operations Product Manufacturing VP and Staff
Pastors, Religious Leaders
Payroll Managers, Personnel Directors, Managers, Assistants, Staffs, VPs
Physician Assistants
Physicians, Doctors, Surgeons
Plant Managers, Engineers
Product Managers
Programmers, Programmer Analysts
Project Coordinators, Directors, Managers, Engineers, Leaders
Public Relations Directors, Managers (PR), Staffs
Purchasing Director, Managers, Agents, Assistants, Staffs, Buyers, Senior Buyers
Quality Control and Assurance Directors, Managers (QC)
R&D Managers, Analysts, Staffs (Research & Development)
Safety Director, Managers
Sales and Marketing Director, Manager
Sales and Marketing Director, Manager, Executive, Staff
Sales Directors and Managers
Sales Directors, Managers, Executives, Staffs, National / Regional Sales Managers
Service Managers
Software Developers, Engineers, Senior Engineers
Support Division (C-Level, Manager-Level, Director-Level, VP-Level)
Systems Administrators, Directors, Managers, Analyst, Engineers, Assistant, Staff
Teachers, Principals
UK / EU Dentists
UK Physician Doctor
VP Finance (Vice President of Financing)
VP Human Resources (Vice President of HR)
VP Marketing (Vice President of Marketing)
VP of Sales Department (Vice President of Sales)
VP Operation (Vice President of Operations)
VP Sales & Marketing (Vice President of Sales & Marketing)
Web Project Managers, Web Developers, Webmasters (Company Level)

Custom Research

ROI OUTSOURCING LLC’s special projects team takes on custom-research projects for our clients. The team is made up of some of our most productive Research Associates who are able to tackle virtually any assignment our clients have. Our team has successfully completed many interesting projects. Some of these insights involve:
  • Gathering custom data, such as what software or equipment a practice has, what procedures it does, and its satisfaction with a given product
  • Generating leads based on custom lead-qualification questions
  • Verifying a customer’s database

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