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  • 1. Social Media Marketing - Strategy and audience research, Profile Setup & Integration, Add campaign creation, Social Content Creation, Social Media Management, Ad Campaign Creation, Ad Management & Optimization, Shout outs & Promotion
  • 2. SEO - Keyword Search, On-Site Optimization, Off-Site Optimization, SEO Plugins & Tools
  • 3. Web Traffic - Put the right eyes on your website with targeted traffic & website promotion
  • 4. Content Marketing- Content Promotion, Content Creation, Content Strategy & Research
  • 5. Video Marketing- Video Promotion & Distribution, Video SEO, Social Video Content, Video Ad Campaigns, Consultation & Audience Research, Social Video Enhancements
  • 6. Email Marketing to prospects or target audience- Email Templates, Email Platform Support, Audience Development, Copywriting
  • 7. Search & Display Marketing- Search Engine Marketing, Setup & Strategy Consultation, Display Marketing Campaigns, Product Ad Campaigns, Ad Review & Optimization, Remarketing
  • 8. Web Analytics- Setup, Tracking & Reporting, Optimization, Bug Fixes
  • 9. Influencer Marketing- Shout outs & Promotion, Strategy & Research
  • 10. Mobile Advertising- App Store Optimization, Mobile Ad Campaigns
  • 11. E-Commerce Marketing- Product Listings, Shout outs & Promotion, Product & Storefront SEO

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