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Since the introduction of the GDPR in May 2018, we’ve received many questions about the new General Data Protection Regulation. It appears there is still much confusion about the GDPR and buying mailing lists for direct marketing campaigns. We have listed the four most common misconceptions.

1. Because of the GDPR it is no longer allowed to send unsolicited emails

Wrong! The GDPR and the ePrivacy regulation are two different things.

The GDPR mostly concerns processing and updating data. Moreover, companies are obliged to remove personal data when requested.

The ePrivacy regulation for email marketing says that you can’t mail people without their consent. This regulation has been in force since 2009 and is not affected by the GDPR.

In short: it has been forbidden to send unsolicited emails since 2009. But you can use opt-in email databases, which can be rented for a one-time email campaign. All compliant with local regulations.

Want to know more about how you can approach potential customers via email? Read my blog about buying email addresses.

2. Because of the GDPR you can’t use current databases of data owners without asking all the people in the database for their permission

No, that’s not necessary. Part of the GDPR is “Recital 47”. This recital describes that the legitimate interests of a controller (data owner) may provide a legal basis for processing, provided that the interests or the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject are not overriding. The processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes may be regarded as carried out for a legitimate interest.

In short, databases with personal data composed before the GDPR, can still be used and traded. Of course you have to comply with the law concerning the use of this data. Contact us for more information about complying with the law.

3. The GDPR forbids telemarketing campaigns

Incorrect! The rules for telemarketing remain the same. You can only call consumers and sole proprietorships without permission if they’re not listed in a ‘Do not call’ register. Are you planning a telemarketing campaign? Then you must check if people in your database are enlisted in a ‘Do not call’ register. A private company, limited company or other entity cannot be enlisted in a ‘Do not call’ register, meaning you’re allowed to call them.

4. All data in databases fall under the GDPR

Incorrect! The rules for telemarketing remain the same. You can only call consumers and sole proprietorships without permission if they’re not listed in a ‘Do not call’ register. Are you planning a telemarketing campaign? Then you must check if people in your database are enlisted in a ‘Do not call’ register. A private company, limited company or other entity cannot be enlisted in a ‘Do not call’ register, meaning you’re allowed to call them.

Looking for a privacy compliant database or mailing list for your direct marketing campaign? Or do you have questions about the GDPR?

As an international data specialist ROI Outsourcing makes sure that your (international) campaign always complies with the latest laws. We take privacy extremely seriously and only work with data you can trust. Need advice? Contact our privacy experts.

Decided to buy email lists? This is what you need to know

Nowadays email marketing is a dinosaur in the marketing landscape. Yet the research done by MarketingSherpa shows that marketers still have a strong preference for email marketing. And rightly so: it is cheap, fast and measurable. Many marketers, however, limit themselves to email campaigns to their current customers. A missed opportunity, because you can also buy email addresses of potential customers. There are thousands of databases with email addresses and email marketing lists for sale or rent. What type of email lists are available? What are the pros and cons? And how do you choose the right email lists?

Buy email list with opt-in

Do you want to e-mail consumers? Then you need consent before you are allowed to use their email addresses. A so-called opt-in. Chances are you are not in possession of this consent. No problem, in the Netherlands you can rent no less than 200 different files with opt-in email lists. In Europe there’s thousands of email list available from companies that rent out their email data for marketing purposes. These e-mail lists with opt-in must always be sent/broadcasted by the owner of the database. So in principle you rent the file for a one-time mailing. After the broadcast has been sent you will receive a report of the number of emails sent, opens, clicks and other statistics.

Benefits of purchasing email lists with opt-in

  • Good for branding: you lift on the strength of the brand
  • Accurate email addresses: bounce percentage always below 5%
  • Everything according the local privacy legislations and GDPR: peace of mind

Disadvantages of purchasing email lists with opt-in

  • You do not receive any data yourself, because the emailing is sent by the owner of the file
  • Accurate email addresses: bounce percentage always below 5%
  • No possibility to do multichannel campaigns. For example, phone numbers are often not available

Access more than 10,000 opt-in email lists

ROI Outsourcing has access to more than 10,000 email lists with opt-in email addresses worldwide. And ensures that your campaign is compliant with local privacy laws and EU GDPR law.

Buy email list from a compiled database

There are many providers of compiled database. A compiled database is a email marketing list that is created trough various sources, such as the local trade registers, annual reports, market reports and the internet. A short search on Google shows that there are many providers. From local Chamber of Commerce to global actors such as Experian and Dunn & Bradstreet. Most of these vendors will offer email marketing lists aswell. These are often generic (info@) email addresses. These generic addresses are inexpensive and are offered in bulk. But beware: these are not opt-in email addresses. So first you will need to get consent!

Our tip: buy a complete dataset with personal email addresses and company names, telephone numbers, industry, number of employees, etc. And then ask permission by phone to send a commercial email. This prevents irritation among your target group and brand reputation damage. At the same time this often increases the response because the recipient already expects your email because of your announcement.

Benefits of purchasing email lists with opt-in

  • You can broadcast/send the email campaign from your own system, so you have more data to work with
  • Many detailed selection criteria available, such as industry, turnover, branches, job titles etc.
  • You can also buy telephone numbers, so possibilities to do a multichannel campaign
  • Relatively cheap because you can use the email addresses more often

Disadvantages of purchasing email lists with opt-in

  • The quality varies enormously between different vendors. Bounce rates are between 5 and 10% with good quality email data suppliers.
  • You have to invest time in learning about the privacy laws in each country
  • Many data companies only sell general email addresses (info @, contact @, general @ etc.)
  • Many cheap email shipping systems (such as Mailchimp and Your Mailing List Provider) are not suitable for purchased email lists

Buy email list from database with 241 million B2B email addresses

ROI Outsourcing has 1.5 million email addresses in the Netherlands from all industries and from all job functions. From Schools to personal email lists of HR managers and CEO’s. And 241 million email addresses worldwide

Collect email address lists

Are you looking for email address lists of a very specific target group? Or are you looking for email lists of people who have already indicated that they are interested in your product or service? Chances are that these specific email lists are not for sale or for rent. Alternatively, you can collect email lists through an external source: better known as lead generation. There are various possibilities for generating qualitative email lists. From a focused question in an online survey to setting up an affiliate program or offering a whitepaper.

Benefits of collecting email address lists

  • Perfect quality: you only pay for correct email/lead
  • Transparent costs: you pay a fixed amount per email address
  • High conversion: these people are already interested in your product
  • You immediately have an opt-in. So no hassle with the privacy legislation

Disadvantages of collecting email address lists

  • The costs can be high: prices vary from a few euros to sometimes 500 euros per lead
  • It is possible that the lead is not properly qualified. E.g. persons who complete an online survey without actually fitting your target audience
  • The number of leads can be low

Lead generation is time consuming, that’s why ROI Outsourcing can do all the hard work for you. We have the experience and expertise to design a top notch email marketing campaign: from selecting your ideal target audience to designing and sending the campaign. All you have to worry about is closing the deal. And the best part? You only pay for the results.

Want know how about how you can buy email lists?

We have more than 10 years of experience in guiding email marketing campaigns. And therefore we know exactly what works and what does not. Want to know more? Call +1-770-597-2654 end an email to info@ROIOutsourcing.com. We are ready to answer your questions! Or view the frequently asked questions about buying email addresses.


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