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ROI Topic: Technology Data – The Highest ROI

Everyone is looking for the magic bullet to increase ROI. The pressure from CEO’s and CMO’s is immense and ever increasing. If you want the highest digital ROI, that means emailing. If you want the type of list that generates the best ROI from emailing, that is a technology installed base list.

Technology Lists

A technology list is a list of companies and contacts that use certain types of software and hardware technology. For example, companies who have VMWare installed, or SAP, or sf.com or any number of about 4000 technologies available, installed at 1.5 million companies. That is what any major data provider should have available for you. You can filter by the usual parameters of geography, job titles, SICs/Industries and revenue or employees. In about 30-40% of cases, it may be possible to identify specific software versions or model numbers or even product names.

So if you know that a company who has a certain technology installed is a higher qualified target for replacement with your product/service, or perhaps complementary to your product/service, this type of list generates the best ROI currently. Or perhaps you provide IT services of some type and wish to contact companies that use Cloud Services or Cloud applications. It is possible to even identify multiple technologies in the same company.

Technology Guarantees/Pricing

You should also expect that the data provider offers a 100% guarantee that the companies have that particular technology installed that you request. Otherwise they provide replacements. If you are a company who has superior features or value proposition than your competitors, this type of list can be very good for your marketing results and the sales team will love you because cold calling to find competitor’s installations is very unproductive and no one does it consistently.

As far as pricing goes, technology data is more expensive than normal b2b data. If you go to a top data brand that has a lot of resources, expect to pay up to $3 per contact in low quantities. This may not be a problem if you plan to telemarket them but if you plan to email them you really need a couple thousand or much more if possible. In larger quantities you might get the price down to $ .25 per record. At ROI, we provide $ .60 per record in small quantities and as low as $ .12 for 100,000 records.

Think through the strategy to utilize this type of list. In many cases, it might be a straightforward replacement strategy. But if you get creative, you might discover through simple customer surveys that wherever your product is installed, they tend to also have Marketo and sf.com for example. So there may be some set of circumstances or sophistication that leads companies to use those products and also have a similar need or interest in yours. So if you market to a list of Marketo and sf.com installations, it should increase the probability of your own sales opportunities.

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